Idiocracy – Movie Review

Idiocracy Movie Review

This movie is a little scary because some of the things in it are not too far off from our present day society. Idiocracy was released on September 3rd, 2006 and has an R rating. The overall runtime of the film is 84 minutes which goes perfect. The cast in Idiocracy contains many well known actors and actresses including Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph, Dax Shephard, Terry Crews, David Herman, Justin Long, and many other famous Hollywood stars. If you are familiar with Justin Long, you will know that his cameo appearances in films are always hilarious. If you have never heard of Idiocracy, blame Twentieth Century Fox because they literally did nothing to market this movie. I am not sure if they felt that americans would boycott them or something for making fun of them but the movie didn’t really get much exposure. The director of Idiocracy is Mike Judge who also directed one of my favourite comedy movies ‘Office Space’ (make sure check out the Office Space movie review as well).

I am glad that I watched this movie again as I had forgotten how funny it was. Idiocracy is a story about the dumbing down of America. The movie was originally going to be titles ‘The United States of Americ-Uhh’ but was later changed to Idiocracy before the release date. The movie starts off with the Pentagon running a special secret project. They are trying to see if they can cryogenically freeze human beings. They end up finding two average individuals who volunteer to take part in the study. The plan was to freeze them for only one year, however things go wrong and they end up getting froze for much much longer.

The two frozen test subjects are Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson) and Rita (Maya Rudolph). Joe is a low ranking staff in the United States Army and Rita is a hooker. While frozen, the intelligence of USA greatly declines to the point where no one is able to think for themselves. As a result, Joe and Rita are now the two smartest people alive. Idiocracy is full of hillarious scenes and provides enjoyment throughout the film. It is a great movie to watch alone or with friends. Despite the R rating, I am pretty sure kids could watch this movie without having any negative effects. In fact, it might be good to watch it with kids to show them what can happen if they don’t focus on their studies.

Movie Rating: 7.5 stars out of 10

Rating Summary: I am giving Idiocracy seven and a half stars out of ten because I think it is a great movie which is very funny. The story is a good concept and shows why it is important to get a good education. The acting in the film is very good and each actor / actress does a great job. If you like comedy movies, I would recommend buying this movie as it has lots of replay value providing laughs every time.

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