This Means War – Movie Review

This Means War Movie Review

Last night, my fiancĂ© and I watched the movie ‘This Means War’ starring Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, and many other famous actors / actresses. This movie definitely fits the criteria as a ‘chick-flick’ type movie, although it was tolerable. The two main characters FDR Foster (Tom Hardy), and Tuck (Chris Pine) are CIA operatives who go on numerous covert missions. Outside of work the two are best friends and are practically brothers. That all changes though when a girl named Lauren (Reese Witherspoon) comes between them. The summary for the film is “Two top CIA operatives wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman.” I don’t know if I would call it an epic battle but it provides entertainment.

This Means War starts by showing the two undercover agents at a fancy club in Hong Kong. They are waiting on a gangster named Heinrich to show up as they have intel that he is selling weapons. They end up getting into a shoot out and killing all of Heinrich’s entourage including his brother. Heinrich is the only one to escape and sets his focus on revenge. Meanwhile, back in the USA; the two operatives go about their every day lives. Tuck is a divorced father and takes his child to karate, while FDR is more of a ladies man who is always chasing after girls. One day, Tuck decides to try a new online dating site and comes across the profile of Lauren. It turns out the profile was created by her friend; however, when she views Tuck’s profile, she decides to go through with the date. When FDR finds out, he offers to assist by hanging out nearby in case Tuck needs an excuse to end the date quickly. FDR tells him to call his phone, and hang up after one ring if he wants a decoy to get out of the date, or let it ring three times if everything is good.

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Of course, the date goes well and Tuck ends up letting the phone ring three times. The first date was more of a screening since neither Tuck or Lauren really trusted online dating. After their meet up, they part ways and Lauren decides to go to a video store to rent a movie. As luck would have it, FDR is lurking at the store looking for single women renting movies hoping he can offer them company. He immediately notices Lauren and begins hitting on her non stop. After enough pressure, he gets her to agree to a date with him. The next day at work, FDR and Tuck are recounting the date Tuck had and FDR tells him he met a girl just around the corner while hanging around acting as decoy. They decide to show each other a photo of the girl they met, and suddenly realize that it is the same girl… Lauren.

The two decide that they both are genuinely interested and like Lauren and that they both want to pursue the relationship. In order to preserve their friendship, they come up with some ground rules to let Lauren pick who she wants to date. They call it a gentleman’s agreement and agree that if at any point it starts to ruin their friendship that they will both stop. This is where things get interesting. The two use their resources as CIA operatives to spy on Lauren and gather intel so that they can talk about things she likes and impress her more. The movie was actually pretty good considering that it was a chick flick. I would definitely recommend this movie to couples, or women. I’m not sure a group of guys would really like this movie compared to action, or comedy movies. This Means War is directed by McG, and was released on February 17th, 2012. The budget for the film was $65 Million and to date it has earned over $54 Million. The total runtime of the movie is 97 minutes and it is reated PG-13.

Movie Rating: 6.5 stars out of 10

Rating Summary: I am giving ‘This Means War’ six and a half stars out of ten because I feel it was a good movie, but the genre just wasn’t my style. As far as romances go, I have seen much worse so I was actually impressed that McG directed a movie that was tolerable. I would watch this movie again with my fiancĂ© but not by myself. If you are going on a date, or want to impress your lady I suggest picking up ‘This Means War’.

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