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War Horse Movie Review

This weekend, I watched the movie War Horse with my fiance. The movie is based on a novel, however I had never heard of it prior to seeing the movie. The total duration of the film was 146 minutes and featured Jeremy Irvine as the main human character (the horse was the main character). The movie has grossed over $56 million dollars so far since it’s release date on December 25th, 2011.

The story takes place in England in a countryside town where young Albert (Jeremy Irvine) grows attached to horse that he has known since it was birthed. Albert eventually gains ownership of the horse who he names Joey. The two are inseparable and Albert spends all of his time training and grooming Joey. During this time, it is announced that England is going to war to fight the battle of World War I. The English army is looking for horses for it’s cavalry and purchase Joey for their troop. This is where the name War Horse comes into play as Joey is now separated from his master and has to go through a series of obstacles.

In my opinion this movie is pretty good and it is suitable for a broad range of audiences. Through the story, the focus changes quite a bit and you get a background story on many different characters. The actual ties to World War I are very loosely based and it is used as more to guide the storyline along when needed. The acting in the story was very well done and the overall production is great. You are given just enough background on characters to get attached to them and then are introduced to others. After watching the movie, you will be left thinking about the characters and how their stories might continue.

I was pleased to learn that a broadway adaptation of the novel also exists. Similar to the Lion King, the mechanical horse is controlled by multiple actors to produce a lifelike animal on stage. I think this would be an excellent story to see on stage and hope that I get the chance some day. As for the novel, I cannot say how accurate the movie follows it since I have not read it. For those of you who have, please feel free to comment below and let me know what you thought.

Overall; if you are looking for a movie to see and have not yet seen War Horse, I definitely suggest you check it out. No matter what genre of films you prefer, this movie has something for everyone. It is just the right amount of time in length, and the pace leaves you entertained the whole way through. There is not much in the way of pointless dialogue so you don’t have to worry about losing focus at any points. Despite the movie taking place during a war, it is rather tame in terms of violence and is rated PG-13 so it should be safe for the who family to see. If you are the emotional type, you might want to bring some tissues with you when you go to see this movie.

Please make sure to leave comments below with your thoughts on this movie.